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Made By Coopers

Calm Room Spray

Calm Room Spray

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About the Brand

Made By Coopers creates natural products to boost and balance wellbeing. Each product has been formulated by founders Clare and Darren Cooper, who previously worked on their own anxiety and sleep problems. It was through the knowledge learned, that they were able to create their award-winning brand. Made By Coopers' ritualistic products include essential oils, room and pillow mists, and skincare and more. Every product has a different benefit which help to energise, restore, uplift, de-stress and aid sleep.

Product Description

Calm Room Spray

A relaxing blend of five essential oils designed to calm the mind and body. Use throughout the home or across your pillows and linen before bedtime. Our all natural 'Calm' room spray contains organic lavender, frankincense, bergamot, rosemary and Ylang Ylang. The perfect room spray to help aid sleep and relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress or to use for yoga or meditation.

How to Use

Generously mist throughout the home or across your pillows and linens

Ingredients list

Water, Witch Hazel, Essential Oils of: Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Frankincense, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin

Product Condition

Made By Coopers has had a re-brand!

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Customer Reviews

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Made By Coopers

I recently made my first purchase of the Calm (after my daughter included it in a box of Christmas goodies ❤️) and Sleepy Head Room and Pillow Sprays and they are gorgeous. The bottles are large and so should last for a good while. I have trouble sleeping and the Calm especially seems to ease me in to sleep very easily. So grateful 💤. I also bought Super Food Firming Serum and it's lovely. My skin is looking great after a week of use. I also want to commend MBC for their packaging which was plastic free. Loved the waffle type internal cushioning made from card. Everything went into recycling 💚. All fantastic! I'll be back 😁

Calm room spray 🥰

This is a little bottle of bliss, just such a beautiful smell, does exactly what it’s meant to.
When you first enter a spa the lovely smell you get and you feel more relaxed, this is the exact smell!
Highly recommended 🧖🏻‍♀️🤗


I really love this spray; I spray it on my yoga mat before my online class. It really is very calming and such a beautiful fragrance

Fantastic fragrance for the...

Fantastic fragrance for the house

The best little bottle of calmness

I was due to go into hospital for some major surgery so scoured they internet for some room sprays that would help relax me and also help me sleep. I came across this and Zen and impressed with all the blurb bought some .
I had my operation last week and was incredibly anxious and tearful on arrival at the hospital waiting to go to theatre. I sprayed my room and pillows with the calm spray and waited … I can honestly say I became calmer and my mind stopped racing and believe it or not I was actually thinking they need to hurry up and get me now or I will fall asleep. All the nurses who came in loved the scent and I could hear them saying they loved going into much y room as it smelt beautiful and I was so …Calm and peaceful.
Thank you so much for this and Zen which helped me sleep and push through the pain. I have tried many many sprays in the past but none come close to this- it helped make a very traumatic time a calm and peaceful one; where everyone who came into my room was full of positivity and laughter and loved the smell. I have no hesitation in saying this is a fabulous product.